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Molecular Cytogenetics

Molecular Analysis via FISH

Human interphase cell hybridized with two locus-specific FISH probes

M-FISH karyotype of a normal male human cell

M-FISH karyotype of a human neuroglioma H4 cell

For cases that require cytogenetic analysis on a molecular level, AGL provides fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) services. Our experience includes analysis of primary and established cell lines as well as cellular and gene therapy products.

AGL can perform FISH analysis on a variety of human and animal species using locus-specific probes, repetitive sequence probes and whole-chromosome painting probes. M-FISH (multicolor FISH) analysis, which can be used to detect complex interchromosomal rearrangements either on its own or as a complementary method to G-banded analysis, is available for human, mouse and CHO samples.

Our molecular cytogenetic analysis packages each include the following:

  • Culture and chromosome harvest(s) of your cells
  • Slide preparation (metaphase and/or interphase), pretreatment and hybridization
  • Image capture and analysis of FISH data
  • Study-specific phase inspection and full data reviews
  • Detailed final report suitable for submission to FDA or other regulatory body

This service complies with the Food and Drug Administration’s Good Laboratory Practice regulations (Part 58 Title 21 CFR).

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